Personnel Reallocation Task Force

Consistent with the long-range plan, Fulfilling Our Promise, the Personnel Reallocation Task Force is charged with recommending the most effective staffing plan for Missouri State University to enable the University to:

  • Achieve the University’s goals
  • Operate within its financial resources
  • Compensate the staff at market rates

Specifically, the task force should review the current full-time staffing levels of all administrative cost centers as well as the administrative staff assigned to each college. The task force is to determine whether cost center staffing levels are excessive, adequate, or inadequate, and, further, determine whether efficiencies can be realized by reassigning or reallocating staff members within or between cost centers. Particular attention will be paid to those positions which will be vacated because of the University’s retirement incentive as well as those which become vacant for other reasons and whether efficiencies can be gained by not filling them or filling them at a lower level.

Each cost center is asked to cooperate with the task force and provide any relevant information requested by the task force to complete its work.


Bill Cheek, office of the provost, chair

  • Lyn McKenzie, human resources
  • Tabitha Haynes, disability resource center
  • Michelle Visio, psychology department
  • Tina McManus, financial services
  • Steve Thomas, management department

Report due Jan. 31

The Task Force will report its findings and recommendations to the Administrative Budget Committee by Jan. 31, 2012.

The task force will meet with the committee as necessary throughout the process to keep the committee apprised of its progress and answer any questions which committee members may have.