FY12 Planning Archive

The Administrative Budget Committee is charged to review and recommend appropriate budget actions for campus administrative areas.


  • Ken McClure
    Chair, Administrative Budget Committee
    Vice President for Administrative and Information Services
  • Brent Dunn
    University Advancement
  • Zach Durham
    Student Government Association
  • Terrel Gallaway
    Faculty Senate
  • Nila Hayes
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Tabitha Haynes
    Staff Senate
  • Paul Kincaid
    Presidential units
  • Allen Kunkel
    Research and Economic Development
  • Thomas Lane
    Student Affairs
  • Art Spisak
    Provost's office

The committee will be staffed by:

  • Debbie Donnellan, executive assistant, administrative and information services
  • Kim Hardie, administrative assistant, administrative and information services
  • Rachel McGinnis, budget and contracts officer, Jordan Valley Innovation Center
  • Tina McManus, director of accounting and budgeting, financial services
  • Dana Popp, budget officer, administrative and information services