Missouri State University

Accelerated Master's

Importance of achievement

The biomedical sciences department at Missouri State offers highly motivated, exceptional students in a science-based undergraduate program the opportunity to begin earning credit toward a Master of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology.

The accelerated master’s program requires a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses. You can apply to the accelerated master’s of cell and molecular biology program during your junior year. The accelerated program of study takes a mixture of 600-700 level courses and counts those toward both your undergraduate and graduate degree.

A master’s degree in cell and molecular biology can be completed in two semesters and a summer instead of four semesters and a summer, which is required by the traditional degree program.

Admission Requirements for the Accelerated Master’s Option

  1. Junior standing and an overall GPA of 3.40 or better
  2. Completion of BMS 110, BMS 231, BMS 321; CHM 160, CHM 170, CHM 175, CHM 310 with a GPA of 3.40 or better 
  3. Undergraduate laboratory research experience is strongly recommended before applying
  4. Applicants must submit:

a.  an official transcript including all undergraduate work

b.  three letters of recommendation, one written by the future graduate advisor formally accepting the student into their research laboratory.

c.  GRE scores

d.  a statement of research interest

 5.  Acceptance of the applicant by the graduate faculty in cell and molecular biology under the accelerated master’s option

Application process

If you meet the requirements listed above you are considered eligible for the accelerated master’s program. You must begin the application process by submitting an application to the Graduate College.

In addition to the Graduate College application, the cell and molecular biology program requires the submission of the following application materials.

  • GRE scores must be submitted to the Graduate College and a combined score of 1,000 or above is expected for the verbal and quantitative parts of the general GRE exam.
  • Three letters of recommendation are required and should be submitted to the department. Each letter should address the applicant's academic potential and dedication to graduate studies. One of the letters must be from the future graduate advisor who formally accepts you into his or her research laboratory.
  • Acceptance of the applicant by a graduate faculty in the cell and molecular biology program.

Schedules will vary based on the courses needed  to meet both the bachelor’s and master’s requirements. For more information on the program required course visit the master’s of cell and molecular biology program requirements page.

Course scheduling accommodations

Before enrolling in a course to be counted for both undergraduate and graduate credit,  you must first be admitted into the accelerated program and receive approval from the  graduate program director, department head and dean of the Graduate College by completing a mixed credit form. Mixed credit registration must be completed in person at the Registration Center, Carrington 320, prior to the end of the change of schedule period for that course.