Auditioning for the Color Guard

Students with fundamental color guard skills who are interested in auditioning for the PRIDE Color Guard should contact John Sullivan ( or 417-836-8352).

Some of the technical skills that will be taught include:

(Remember: These skills will be developed over the course of the summer camps.)


Drop Spin Exercise (right and left side)

Peggy Spins (right and left side)

Carve sequence (right and left side)

Slam Sequence (right and left side)

27 Points of Space Exercise

Port Spins (right and left side)

Single Tosses (right and left side)

Double Tosses

J Tosses

Parallel Tosses

Series of 45 tosses



Spin Exercise

Flourish Exercise

Port Spins

4/8/16 Double Time Exercise

45 Spin Exercise

Vertical Tosses (Triples, Quads, Quints)

Parallel and 45 tosses



Spin Exercise

Flourish Exercise

45 Spin Exercise

Hilt Triples

Hilt Quads

Hilt Fives

Blade Triples

Blade Quads

Blade Fives



Jazz Walk (en coupe)

Jazz Run

Chasse Combination (front and side chasses)

Saute Combination

Chaine Turn Combination

Pique/Pirouette Exercise

Tour Jete Combination

Passe‘ Exercise

Grande Jete‘ Combination

Jazz Run / Ground Roll Combination

Space / Expressive Combination

Plie‘ Exercise

Degage Exercise

Tendu / Rond de Jambe Exercise

color guard 3

color guard 4