Evidence of Student Learning

Evidence of student learning includes results of assessment activities. This may include evidence of indirect (e.g. surveys) and direct (e.g. portfolio) student learning as well as institutional performance indicators (e.g. licensure pass rate).

MSU Quality Initiative Project (QIP): Public Affairs Assessment

As part of the Higher Learning Commission Open Pathway, Missouri State University conducts a Quality Initiative project (read more here).  For this project, faculty, staff, and students reviewed student work related to the public affairs mission during review sessions in May and October of 2013.  Another review session will take place in May 2014.  The following reports present an overview of the review process and results from previous review sessions.

Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)

Missouri State University administered the BCSSE to samples of incoming students in 2008, 2011, and 2014 (read more here).  The results of those surveys and the paired NSSE results are below.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The NSSE measures how students at Missouri State University spend their time and what they gain from attending college (read more here).  The reports below show results from previous survey administrations and help answer the following questions.  What is the extent of Missouri State’s influence on academic and intellectual experiences, cognition, reading and writing? How do students perceive the quality of their relationships with faculty and staff? To what extent have their experiences at Missouri State impacted their educational and personal growth?

To see how NSSE data can be used, go to the NSSE Search Tool for Examples of NSSE, FSSE, and BCSSE Data Use.

Means and Frequencies

Executive Snapshots

NSSE Results by Topics

NSSE Results by Sub-Groups

NSSE Results by College and Department

GEN 499–University Exit Exam

The report below shows the results of the ETS® Proficiency Profile that Missouri State University seniors are required to take in GEN 499—University Exit Exam prior to graduation.

University Exit Exam Scores, Fiscal Years 2005–2014


ETS Learning Gains Report

During the fall 2010 and fall 2011 terms, Missouri State University students were invited to participate in a study of learning gains using the ETS® Proficiency Profile.  A total of 222 freshmen and 822 seniors participated. The study compared students’ actual and expected critical thinking and writing scores.   

ETS Learning Gains Report for Missouri State University

Public Affairs Scale

Seniors at Missouri State University complete the Public Affairs Scale (PAS) in GEN 499 prior to graduation. This internally developed and validated scale measures students' integration of the three themes of the university’s mission in public affairs. The reports below show results from seniors who took the PAS in fall 2011 and spring 2012 and a pilot study comparing a cross-section of first-year and senior students who took the PAS in 2011–2013.

Student Learning in Public Affairs (2011–2012 Seniors)

Public Affairs Scale Pilot Study

College Portrait

The College Portrait of Undergraduate Education presents a snapshot of Missouri State University and our students.  The College Portrait was developed as a part of the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA).

College Portrait Early Adopter

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