Assessment Grants

Assessing student learning is an essential component of general education and in the major. This grant supports innovative practices in the assessment of student learning. The Assessment Grants are intended for faculty in their efforts to support and assess student learning in public affairs and general education. 

Apply Now!

1. Obtain approval from your dean and department head.

2. Complete the proposal form.

Eligible projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Compare student learning in face-to-face and online courses

  • Develop, revise, or refine student learning outcomes in the major

  • Support a meeting of dual course, per course, and full-time faculty in a department

  • Support focus groups with students or alumni to ask questions related to program learning outcomes

  • Focus groups with transfer and homegrown students on student learning in a program

  • Incentivize faculty for the extra work involved in assessment

Please contact us for consideration of proposals unrelated to those listed above.

Assessment Grant