Assessment Council

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Council Members

Jan M. Atwell, Nursing

Dr. LeAnn M. Brazeal, Communication

Lynn S. Cline, Collections and Acquisitions

Dr. Daniel D. Crafts, Hospitality and Restaurant Administration

Deborah A. Cron, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Rachelle L. Darabi, Student Development and Public Affairs

Dr. William B. Edgar, Library Science

Dr. Keri R. Franklin, Assessment

Michael L. Frizell, Bear CLAW

Kathy M. Gibson, Greenwood Lab School

Tracey A. Glaessgen, First Year Programs

Dr. Darryl R. Haslam, Social Work

Dr. Tona M. Hetzler, Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

Dr. Catherine H. Hoegeman, Sociology and Anthropology

Dr. Shyang Huang, Physics

Dr. Grace M. Jackson-Brown, Library

Dr. Mary Ann Jennings, Social Work

Galen L. Martin, Campus Recreation

Juan Meraz, Multicultural Services

Kathy J. Nordyke, Citizenship and Service Learning

Dr. Diana L. Piccolo, Childhood Ed and Family Studies

Daniel L. Raines, Athletics

Dr. Elizabeth J. Rozell, Management

Dr. Patti Ross Salinas, Criminology

Michelle D. Smith, Undergraduate

Dr. James Sottile, College of Education

Dr. Rhonda J. Stanton, English

Christine E. Sudbrock, Agriculture

A. Lawrence Summers, Management

Cathryn A. Van Landuyt, Computer Information Systems

Sue Webb, Agriculture

Mark A. Woolsey, Assessment