Provost's Academic Advising Council

Council Charge

The purpose of the Academic Advising Council is to evaluate the administration and delivery of advising services to all students at Missouri State University and to make recommendations for improvements. The Council will identify current advising practices that are successful and encourage those practices among more advisors. The Academic Advising Council will work to enhance consistency and quality within the advising system and support student development initiatives. The Academic Advising Council is available for consultation as policy decisions are made that affect academic advising practice at Missouri State University.

Standing Members (2016-2017)

  • Sandy Culver, Director, Business Advisement Center
  • Rachelle Darabi, Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs
  • Kathy Davis, Director, Academic Advisement Center
  • Nathan Hoff, Office of the Registrar
  • Dan Raines, Director, Dr. Mary Jo Wynne Academic Achievement Center
  • Tom Tomasi, Associate Dean, Graduate College
  • Jaime Ross, Interim Director, Adult Student Services
  • Mike Wood, Career Resource Specialist, Career Center

Rotating Members (2016-2017)

  • Tracey Glaessgen, Student Development and Public Affairs, member through May 2017
  • Damon Bassett, Geography, Geology, and Planning, member through May 2017
  • Ken Brown, Economics, CHPA, member through May 2017
  • Adena Jones, Psychology, CHHS, member through May 2017
  • Jerri Lynn Kyle, Communication, COAL, member through May 2017
  • Susan Martindale, Academic Advisement Center, representing professional academic advisors, member through May 2017
  • Juli Panza, Education Advisement, member through May 2017
  • Melissa Remley, Agriculture, member through May 2017
  • Kim Roam, Childhood Education and Family Studies (Faculty representative), member through May 2018
  • David Rohall, Sociology and Anthropology (Faculty representative), member through May 2018
  • Cathie English, English (Secondary Education representative) member through May 2018