Transcript Request Form

Completing your admission

You will need to provide transcripts to complete you admission to Missouri State. Your admission letter will specify from what schools we need a transcript.

Download Transcript Request Form

(You will need Adobe Reader to view and print this document.)

When to request your transcripts

Current high school students

Submit a copy of your transcript at the time of application and your final, official transcript after you have graduated, showing your date of graduation. Provide the Transcript Request Form to your counselor to ensure that your transcript is sent in a timely manner.

Current high school students who have taken courses for college credit

Submit an official copy of your transcript from each college or university through which you will earn credit even if these courses appear on your high school transcript or on other college transcripts. You will need to submit your transcript request to the registrar at each college or university after you have completed your courses.

Currently enrolled in another college

If you have completed course work at your current college, please send those transcripts with your application. You should also send transcripts from any additional colleges or universities that you have attended.

After you complete your final semester at your current college, request that the institution send a final transcript to MSU. If you have less than 24 transferable college credit hours, you will also need to request your official high school transcripts.

Admitted on unofficial transcript

If your admission letter indicates that we need a transcript from a school where you are no longer enrolled, then you were admitted on the basis of unofficial or partial transcripts. Send the Transcript Request Form to the school indicated on your admission letter to request your transcript.

Tips for submitting transcripts

  • Some schools and colleges require a transcript fee which must be submitted with your request. Please check with your school for details.
  • Transcripts must be sent by mail from your previous school(s) directly to the Missouri State admissions office to be considered official. Transcripts sent by students or via fax are not considered official.
  • The Transcript Request Form may be photocopied as needed.

If you have questions, call the Missouri State admissions office at 417-836-5517 or 800-492-7900.