Missouri State University

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is comprised of a representative from each athletic team on the Missouri State campus as well as student-athletes that serve as "at-large" representatives.  This committee meets approximately every two weeks to discuss various service projects and issues related to the student-athletes of Missouri State.

Student-athletes are encouraged to bring any issues related to student-athlete welfare to the attention of their team's representative or any of the representatives on the committee.  These issues are discussed at the SAAC meetings and action may be taken by bringing the issue to the attention of the appropriate supervisor or coach, the Missouri State Athletics Administration, or the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee.


The mission of the Missouri State University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to support and encourage each student-athlete toward achieving his/her best performance academically, athletically, and socially.  The SAAC, in accordance with the MVC and National SAAC strives to achieve the following goals:

  • The promotion of opportunity for all student-athletes

  • The enhancement of student-athlete welfare

  • The encouragement of a positive student-athlete image

  • The unification of all sports teams into a cohesive athletics program

  • The participation in community outreach by student-athletes and coaches