Missouri State University

Sam Zimmer

  • Major: Chemistry
  • High School: Logan-Rogersville High School
  • Hometown: Rogersville, Mo.
  • Transferred from: Ozarks Technical Community College
  • Associate's degree: Associate of Science in Chemistry

Transfer student found ‘a wonderful learning environment’ at MSU

Sam Zimmer, who wants to be a dentist or optometrist, is confident his professors and fellow dedicated students have helped him be ready for medical exams and professional training.

Activities on campus: President of Pre-Optometry Club; member of American Chemical Society

Why did you transfer to Missouri State?

I saw Missouri State as a good school and heard really good things about it. I looked into the transfer process and it seemed to be fairly intuitive.

I also wanted to be close to home and Rogersville is only 15 minutes away. I am really close with my family, and it has been easy for me to be a student here but still be living at home. I am able to commute in to campus every day with my dad when he goes into work.

How hard or easy was it to transfer?

"The transfer process was easy."

I always knew I wanted to transfer to MSU after earning my associate’s degree, so I considered that before I signed up for any classes at OTC. MSU has an information desk at OTC that is run by Donna Rebmann. I always went to see her before registration and she helped me make sure I was taking classes that would transfer.

What has been your favorite part of transferring to Missouri State?

There are a lot of opportunities here. There are more students, so that means more people with the same interests I have. I am able to be in Pre-Optometry Club because there are others in my field.

What’s your favorite thing to do on campus?

I have been able to meet some dedicated students and become good friends with them. Hanging out with them is fun. We talk about classes, interesting things that are going on and just life, I suppose! We usually meet in “the pit,” the tables at the bottom of Temple Hall. That’s my time when I can socialize, since I commute.

You’re serious about school — you have a perfect 4.0 grade point average. How has the atmosphere at Missouri State helped you reach your high academic goals?

It’s a wonderful learning environment. The students here are very disciplined, and the teachers understand what students are trying to accomplish and want to give them the ultimate learning experience.

So far, I have mostly taken science classes. Most of my classmates are possibly going into the medical field and they know how competitive it is, so they are disciplined — which is a great environment. To be around people who are pushing themselves in the classroom, it hopefully rubs off on others.

What do you think of your professors?

I really enjoy the professors here. They are elite educators with PhDs but they want to get to know you. Even if you’re in a larger lecture class, just go up and introduce yourself to your professor. Ask questions during class. This way they can put a name to your face. Any of them will talk to you — not only about class, but about why they went into education or their specific field of chemistry. That has been helpful because I am searching for the right thing to do for the rest of my life. It’s great to really get into learning why some of these teachers chose their profession.

Why would you recommend Missouri State to other students thinking of transferring here?

"This is a University that respects what you’ve done so far at community college!"

The campus is large enough to fulfill every student’s needs in terms of good professors and good laboratories, but small enough so that you can have a good relationship with your professors and get around easily.

What are your plans after earning your bachelor’s degree?

I want to be an optometrist or dentist, so I am going to apply for professional schools. I am actually kind of looking forward to taking my Optometry Admission Test and Dental Admission Test! I feel very confident in the education I have received. I think it will be fun to see how I stack up.