Missouri State University

Procurement Services

Mission:  To promote the development of educated persons by maximizing the usage of value driven products and services, which are marked by a combination of excellence in price, quality, and service.

Vision:  To engage in a culture of continuous process improvement that seeks the alignment of objectives and processes, and that leverages core competencies and strategic relationships.

Values:  Learning, Customer Centricity, Civility, Diversity, Sustainability.

Please contact us for assistance with procurement, risk management, and property control.

Carrington 106

Michael Wills, M.B.A., M.S.
Director of Procurement Services
Risk Management/Services
Phone: 417.836.7635
Email: MikeWills@missouristate.edu

David Yurchak, M.P.A.
Senior Buyer
Phone: 417.836.5356
Email: DaveYurchak@missouristate.edu

Carol Plymire
Phone: 417.836.6835
Email: CarolPlymire@missouristate.edu

Brenda Lanning
Phone:  417.836.4414
Email: BrendaLanning@missouristate.edu

Procurement Cards

Isaac Balasundaram, M.B.A.
P-Card Coordinator
Phone: 417.836.4670
Email: IsaacBalasundaram@missouristate.edu

Rano Dementyeva
Graduate Assistant
Part-Time P-Card Auditor
Phone:  417.836.6803
E-Mail: Dementyeva1984@live.missouristate.edu

Thomas Imhoff
Graduate Assistant
Part-Time P-Card Auditor
Phone:  417.836.8782
E-Mail: Imhoff1012@live.missouristate.edu

Administrative Support

Sharon Lester
Administrative Specialist II
Receptionist and Order Processing
Phone: 417.836.5260
Email:  SharonLester@missouristate.edu

Vacant Position
Senior Procurement Technician
Order Processing
Phone: 417.836.7675
Email: ProcurementServices@missouristate.edu

Vacant Position
Procurement Technician
Phone: 417.836.5261

Vacant Position
Part-Time Administrative Specialist II
General Office Support
Phone:  417.836.7696

Property Control
Central Stores Building

Laura Pavlick, CPPB
Coordinator of Property Control
Phone: 417.836.5103
Email: LauraPavlick@missouristate.edu

Michael Egan
Property Control Manager
Phone: 417.836.5776
Email: MEgan@missouristate.edu

W. Ken Steele
Property Control Specialist
Phone: 417.836.7633
Email: WKSteele@missouristate.edu

Dennis Hendershott
Warehouse and Delivery Clerk
Phone: 417.836.6181
Email: DJHendershott@missouristate.edu

Gary Cornell
Warehouse and Delivery Clerk
Phone: 417.836.6181
Email:  GCornell@missouristate.edu

Chris Heslip
Part-Time Warehouse and Delivery Clerk
Phone:  417.836.6181



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