Boys and Girls Town

Since 1949, Boys & Girls Town of Missouri has been a leader in providing specialized treatment programs and services for troubled girls and boys from newborns to age 21. Boys & Girls Town is one of the largest children’s agencies in the state.

Boys & Girls Town uses a strength-based approach in every program and service. The programs help children by focusing on positive behaviors that can lead to improved self-esteem and positive relationships with their peers and with adults. These services range from residential therapy that averages six to nine months to 30-day assessments requested by insurance companies.

Boys & Girls Town provides outstanding care through a team of dedicated and extensively trained staff. These professionals include psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, registered nurses, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, special education teachers, certified recreational therapists and certified care workers.

Together, they give hope to children who have been abused and neglected and/or suffer from learning and behavioral disorders. The entire staff places “Kids First” in every therapy program to support the difficult steps toward changing their lives.


Many children come to Boys & Girls Town because they suffer from the effects of abuse or neglect. They are hurting from disappointments at home, in foster homes or in other group facilities. These children have many needs. One of their most important needs is the understanding and support of caring adults.

Volunteers are an essential part of helping these troubled children.  Through the caring and support that volunteers help us provide, children can learn about trust. In learning to trust, our children can experience the joy that comes when they lower their defenses and let someone care about them. They can start to develop healthy, positive relationships with others, which can give them a hope for their future.