Immersion Programs

Im·mer·sion  /iˈmÉ™rZHÉ™n/ : Noun - Deep Mental Involvement


Our immersion programs feature the opportunity for students to spend their breaks (spring, summer, fall) volunteering, immersed in the community.  These experiences allow students to learn more about a community, immerse themselves in the culture and social issues that a community faces, and grow as a volunteer into an Active Citizen.

Why participate?

  • Being immersed in the diverse environments enables you to experience and discuss social issues in a significant way.
  • The aim is to contribute volunteer hours to communities in need and help influence your own life.  You will be able to make positive steps after you return to improve your community and be a more active citizen.
  • Get to meet and spend time with other service minded individuals.  It is a great way to have fun, learn more about Springfield and get to know others.

Spring Break Immersion 2016

Want to spend your Spring Break doing something fun and meaningful?  The Spring Immersion Trips are week-long experiences in which students are immersed in a new culture, group of people, and experience.  Trips include direct service with local agencies, learning about a specific social issue, social time in the destination city, and time to meet other students.

Participant Payment 

Participants will pay a $300 fee (including a $150 non-refundable deposit), which will cover, transportation, food, and educational experiences.

 Payment for participation in Immersion Trips will be made through the Cashnet storefront set up online. Payment deadline is Feb 28th, 2016. All payments include a nonrefundable deposit of $150. Trip cancellation fees: If a student withdraws from the trip, trip fees less the $150 nonrefundable deposit will be refunded. Refunds will be credited to the student’s University account. Trip Overfunding: In the case that monies collected exceeds the total cost of the trip, a refund of trip fees may be issued by the university. If the calculated overpayment is greater than $25 per participant, the refund will be processed by transfer to the student’s University account. For all calculated overpayments of less than $25 per participant, the overpayment will be maintained in the General Programming fund for the BearBreaks program.

Faculty/Staff/Graduate Assistants who are interested in being an advisor, please EMAIL . We would love to hear from you!

Costa Rica Immersion 2016

Our newest International Immersion Trip to Costa Rica  (January 3 - January 9) was a great success!  This service adventure focused on Eco-Agriculture in the Costa Rican Highlands of Monteverde.  Our group of #CitizenBears worked alongside local coffee farmers to learn about the region, culture, an sustainable practices.  Not only did this trip allow us to experience the beauty of Costa Rica, it also let us immerse ourselves in the culture and spirit of service.  We are now bringing that learning back to the Springfield community, collaborating with change agents here to strengthen our community.  Applications for Costa Rica 2017 will open during the summer of 2016.

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Click here for more details: Costa Rica 2016




For 2015-2016 Immersion Trips:  


 Advisor Resources

 Students on Fall Breaks

Fall Break Trips

Fall Break allows students to spend 3 days at regional placements learning more about the communities around them.

 Students at Bryan's House

Spring Break Trips

Our 5 Spring Break Trips last throughout Spring Break taking students to immerse themselves into communities around the country.


Summer & Winter Trips

These special trips take place in the Summer or Winter term offering students a unique experience to explore new cultures and serve various communities