Bear Service

What Does Bear Service Look Like?

  • Education - The first goal of a Bear Service Day is for us to learn more about the issue of focus, the community agency/learning partner, and our goals for making a positive difference.
  • Engagement – These are experiential learning opportunities. The more we engage with each other and our neighbors, the more we will learn about ourselves and the expertise in the community.
  • Reflection – Structured reflection encourages us to learn more about ourselves and our communities. Thinking critically about your service experience is a key step toward active citizenship

Into the Streets

Bear Service Team

Bear Service Team promotes community engagement among Missouri State University students through community service and social issue education.

Find More Ways to Make a Difference

GivePulse features engagement opportunities in our community! Connect with fellow students, Springfield neighbors, and agencies.

Meals A Million


Every year Springfield comes together to package one million meals with Friends Against Hunger. Missouri State has always had a strong presence at this event, and hundreds of students sign up to participate. The event typically occurs late fall semester.