Work/Life Committee Final Report

In June 2006, President Nietzel charged a Work/Life Committee "to identify key issues that affect employees' ability to balance their work life and personal life, and to make recommendations that would result in the improvement of this relationship." The committee was expected to address a wide range of issues and suggest a broad list of recommendations. The committee was also asked to assess the budgeting impacts of each initiative.

In response to the charge, "identify key issues that affect employees' ability to balance their work and personal life," a web-based survey was developed to gather information concerning Missouri State University’s employees' degree of conflict they perceive between their work and personal lives and the types of benefits and services that would help them balance their work and personal lives. This survey was administered in July 2007. After findings from the survey were compiled, focus group interviews were conducted in April and May of 2008 to clarify information gleaned from the survey.

This report presents the key findings of two studies conducted with Missouri State University employees to identify factors that impact employees' ability to find balance between their work lives and personal lives. Also included are the recommendations of the Work-Life Committee with rationale for each recommendation.