January 08, 2008 Minutes

Work/Life Committee Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2008
8:30 a.m.
CARR 104
Attendees: Dale Moore (Chair), Teresa Steele, Sara Clark, Dr. Michelle Visio, Dr. Wes Scroggins
Guest: Dr. Charlene Berquist
Absent: Jana Estergard; Emily McGee
Mr. Moore welcomed everyone for coming and asked Dr. Berquist to share the information she has compiled for the group. Dr. Berquist passed out a preliminary proposal of how the focus groups could be comprised and the process that can be used.
The proposal included the following elements:
Regarding the focus group samples:
  • Use the existing volunteers garnered from the survey
  • Use a scheduling system to enroll in a focus group
  • Send out an announcement thanking them for their willingness to participate, explaining the process, and assuring them of confidentiality, along with a link to register.
  • Establish times and locations
  • Training for facilitators and observers
  • Pilot of questions and process
  • Actual focus group structure
o Co-facilitators
o Length of meeting – one to one and ½ hours
o Hold groups in Plaster Student Union, if possible
o Offer refreshments
o 10-12 people per group
o Obtain informed consent
o Tape recorded (with participants’ permission)
o Have approximately 5-6 questions with a short demographic questionnaire
Analysis & Report:
  • Thematic analysis by question
  • Break down by groups and comparisons between groups
  • Report is compiled and submitted to Work Life Committee
  • Presentation to committee by Dr. Berquist
Time Line:
  • Scheduling Focus Groups: Late January
  • Training for facilitators: Late January
  • Pilot of questions and process: Early February
  • Conducting Focus Groups: Mid February to Early March
  • Transcriptions: Late February-Late March
  • Data Analysis: Late February-Early April
  • Writing Report: Early April – Mid May
  • Submission of Report and Presentation to Committee: Late April
Dr. Visio indicated that she will do an addendum to the IRB.
Dr. Berquist offered a sample of questions that could be asked to obtain the information the committee needed, and asked the members present if they had any suggestions, deletions, or additions. Dr. Moore stated that it is important to have an accurate picture of the corporate culture, and it was agreed to add a question to cover that topic.
It was noted by Ms. Clark that there were very few volunteers from the non-academic administrators, and asked if we should send an e-mail to them requesting their participation. Dr. Berquist agreed that it would be a good idea. She also indicated to obtain the participation and input from academic administrators the committee should try to get permission to use one Academic Administrators Assembly to hold a focus group. There was also a concern that newer faculty and staff would not have an opportunity to give input, so it was agreed that Ms. Clark will check with Human Resources to get a list of new employees and send them an e-mail asking them to participate.
Dr. Visio offered to do an executive summary for Dr. Nietzel, and will bring a draft to the next meeting to share and gain input. Ms. Clark will get with HR to work on putting the group e-mail lists together. Dr. Berquist will refine the proposal and share it at the next meeting. Everyone agreed to meet next Friday at 8:30 AM.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 AM.
Respectfully submitted,
Teresa Steele
Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President