October 2, 2007

October 2, 2007 3:30-4:15 p.m.
CARR 104

Members Attending: Dale Moore (Chair), Teresa Steele, Sara Clark, Dr. Wes Scroggins,
Dr. Michelle Visio, Jana Estergard

Dale Moore began the meeting by welcoming everyone.

Sara Clark told the group that the GA in her office is in the process of processing the job groups from the focus groups into manpower codes to help put into groups.

Dale Moore asked if the Committee thought we should provide raw data to President Nietzel, or provide a report. Michelle Vision stated she thought the report could be completed by the end of next week.

It was decided that Committee members should lead the focus groups instead of Michelle Visio’s students. It was discussed that we need to determine who will be in the focus groups and what questions are needed to be asked. It was suggested that the focus groups should be made up with members from same job families. It was also suggested that deans and department heads should be placed in the same focus group as executive/administrative personnel.

Michelle Visio passed out handouts that contained tables that showed the top 5 response items thought to be needed at the University by the survey respondents.

After discussion, the group felt that the goal of the focus groups was to help determine cultural climate issues. It was decided that the survey mainly tackled benefit issues. These should then be tied to work-life issues. It was pointed out that the answers could vary by job class. Issues and methods of holding the focus groups were discussed and some of the items that were discussed were:
Give the focus group the top 4 items and then discuss true work-life issues.
Could possibly re-phrase the survey questions to the focus groups
Could send out a new climate/culture survey to all employees that volunteered for focus groups
Could develop culture survey and give to entire population on-line.

The group agreed to meet again next Tuesday, October 9, at 3:30.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Steele
Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President