November 9, 2007

November 9, 2007 8:30-9:30 a.m.
CARR 104

Members Attending: Dale Moore (Chair), Teresa Steele, Sara Clark, Dr. Michelle Visio, Emily McGee

Absent: Jana Estergard, Dr. Wes Scroggins

The group began discussing focus group questions and group membership and how to best facilitate them. It was decided that all members of the Work Life Committee were able to facilitate the focus groups. It was suggested to record the focus group sessions and to have an outside transcriber, Tabitha Haynes, type the notes for us. Dale Moore thought that he could approach the President and ask for some money to budget the cost.

Dale Moore asked Michelle Visio to give us an idea of how a focus group should be handled and she explained that a good ice breaker was to have everyone introduce themselves and then gave some examples of questions to begin the session with. Dale Moore then suggested that Char Berquist be asked to help with the groups, as she has extensive experience. Dale will be in contact with her to see if she would be willing to attend the next meeting and give some suggestions.

The committee then began discussing the types of questions that will be needed during the focus groups. Some of the suggestions are:

  • What prompted you to volunteer?
  • What does work/life balance mean to you?
  • Would your supervisor allow you to use flex time? (Stay away from why)
  • What types of variables, starting and ending hours?
  • Why don’t you use what MSU currently offers?
  • We learned from the survey that ____, based on that we would like to find out what you think.
  • Ask a question regarding compressed work week.
  • Is the drop-in child care on campus meeting the needs of staff/faculty?
  • Does the university culture cause the imbalance in work/life, is it administratively or personally induced?
  • Would you support or would they conflict with your goals?
  • When work load interferes, is there help available?

It was suggested that administrators be asked one level of questions and faculty/staff another. It was pointed out that prior to taping the sessions the volunteers need to be informed that the recordings will not be shared with any supervisors. It was also noted that there is a need to found out what work/life issues administrators have. A focus group of administrators will be needed after the faculty and staff groups to see if they would support the suggestions from those groups.

Sara offered to put together the focus groups from the list of employees who volunteered to serve. It was decided to have 6 groups: faculty, clerical, support service/skilled crafts, administrative (deans and up), Department Heads/Directors, and support technical.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Steele
Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President