November 30, 2007

November 30, 2007 8:30-9:30 a.m.
CARR 104

Attendees: Dale Moore (Chair), Teresa Steele, Sara Clark, Dr. Michelle Visio, Emily McGee, Dr. Wes Scroggins

Guest: Dr. Charlene Berquist

Absent: Jana Estergard

Mr. Moore welcomed everyone and thanked Dr. Berquist for agreeing to help with the development of focus groups and focus group questions. He then gave Dr. Berquist a brief overview of what the Work Life Committee has accomplished so far.

When asked by Mr. Moore how much time should be allotted to complete the focus groups and to compile the information gathered, Dr. Berquist answered that she thought the groups could be completed and a draft report done by Spring Break. This report could then be integrated with the main report that will be submitted to President Nietzel.

Dr. Berquist asked the group what information was needed from the focus groups. The following items were mentioned:

  • Need to investigate regarding how the corporate culture is affecting work-life balance. (I.e. need to find out answers to whether or not their supervisors are supportive or non-supportive of current programs, etc.)
  • Clarification is needed on what each respondent to the survey thought work-life balance is
  • Need to be able to make a recommendation based on results of survey and focus groups
  • Need to be able to validate the results of the survey
  • need to see identifiable trends

Dr. Berquist suggested that there be three to four focus groups per classification, with 12 to 15 people invited to participate in each group. This would be approximately 16 focus groups. Dr. Berquist doubted that everyone invited will attend, but if everyone invited shows up to participate, then the group can be split into two separate groups. She noted that there will be two facilitators and two assistants on hand for each group in case the need to split comes up. Ms. Clark stated that some classifications had only a few volunteers, and Dr. Berquist suggested sending out an open invitation to attend the focus groups to everyone to increase the number of participants in classifications that did not have a representative sample volunteer. When asked about the length of the focus group meetings, Dr. Berquist answered that the meetings would last approximately 90 minutes. Dr. Berquist then pointed out that focus groups should be continued until no new information is uncovered.

Dr. Berquist will look over the list of respondents who volunteered to be in a focus group and will develop possible group configurations using stratification to comprise groups of all men, all women, different colleges, etc., within each classification. She will send samples of the group configurations to the Work Life Committee to look over.

Dr. Berquist noted that she prefers to tape record each session, with a professional transcriptionist typing the script of the meeting for later analysis. She noted that there will be some reticence from some attendees about being recorded, but she thought this could be lessened by reminding them that the transcript would be confidential and the information will be reported in aggregate.

Dr. Berquist then asked the group to submit an addendum to the current IRB to cover the questions that will be asked during the focus group, and Dr. Visio stated that once the questions were developed she would submit the addendum.

Dr. Berquist agreed to have a proposal ready for this committee by January 4, 2008, and she thought the focus groups should be able to begin meeting by the end of January or early February. Some locations suggested for holding the meetings were Plaster Student Union, Alumni Center Hospitality Room and Glass Hall Decision Room.

Mr. Moore mentioned that the committee needs to develop a timeline for the remaining tasks, which includes a date to have the deliverables ready for President Nietzel.

Mr. Moore thanked the group for a very productive meeting, and everyone agreed to meet after the first of the year. Members agreed to keep in touch and exchange information electronically in the interim.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Steele
Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President