May 15, 2007 Minutes

Members Attending: Dale Moore (Chair), Dr. Michelle Visio, Dr. Wes Scroggins, Teresa Steele, Sara Clark, Ladonna Hansen
Absent: Jana Estergard
Michelle gave a report on the additional pilot tests she was able to perform. Michelle interviewed 2 custodial staff as they took the test survey. Issues discussed were:
Since some people have trouble with computers, it was suggested that bubble sheets could be offered, but that it would not help with data collection in the demographics area. Ladonna suggested that we offer open lab times with a help desk technician on hand to help people access the survey, as some employees are unfamiliar with computers. Sara indicated that the support of the supervisors in the sections that do not have ready access to computers is crucial, as they will need to allow the staff to go to the labs to take the survey.
Michelle indicated that she will talk to the Faculty Senate and Staff Senate presidents to let them know the survey is about ready and will be launched soon. She will also contact the IRB to get their approval.
Dale indicated that a report needs to be given to the President, and an e-mail with a link to the survey should be sent so that he can access the draft version. The committee also needs to give the President a time frame in which the survey will be available, when the data will be analyzed, and when to expect a report.
It was thought that the survey could be made available the third week of the fall semester, and that analysis could start in early October. After that the report and recommendations could be drafted.
It was again suggested that to obtain the best response, the request to take the survey should come as an e-mail message to the staff from the President that contains a link to the survey. Sara offered to work on a draft memo for the President to send out.
Dale mentioned that the committee will have to recommend a budget, and it was thought that someone at the University of Kentucky should be contacted to gain their input, as they already have a program in place. Wes and Sara felt that Financial Services and/or Human Resources ought to be able to help develop the budget if they are given the recommendations. It was also mentioned that perhaps Accounting should have an ad hoc member on the committee for this purpose.
Dale asked if we wanted to wait until the third week of fall semester or go ahead and begin. Sara and Michelle indicated that they felt we should begin as soon as possible, and Michelle can begin analyzing the data. There was a concern that faculty would not be on campus to receive the e-mail request from the President, but it was noted that most faculty check their e-mail during the summer, so it shouldn’t be a problem. It was decided to aim to have the survey available for the staff and faculty from June 18 through June 30, 2007.
Sara indicated she will contact Kevin Piercy in IT to arrange to have open labs available for the survey on the Friday afternoons during the June 18-30 time frame, as well as help desk personnel to assist anyone who needs help with signing on to the computer or assistance with the survey.
The next meeting will be used to develop a timeline for the next tasks. Ladonna asked if the committee was still intending to offer prizes to those who take the survey. Dale indicated that the committee still intends to give out prizes and will contact the President to see if he would be willing to budget some money for this purpose.
Next meeting: May 21, 2007 at 3:30 in Carrington 314D.
Respectfully submitted,
Teresa Steele
Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President