January 2007 Minutes

January 23, 2007 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
CARR 104
Members Attending:
Dale Moore (Chair), Dr. Michelle Visio, Dr. Wes Scroggins, Ladonna Hansen, Teresa Steele, Sara Clark
Absent: Jana Estergard

Dale called the meeting to order and introduced Teresa Steele.

Michelle made the changes to the staff survey that were suggested at the last meeting, and indicated that she will be making the same changes to the faculty survey. Those attending then began looking over the amended version of the staff survey and the following changes/additions were discussed:

  1. An item regarding “Paid Time Off Bank” will be added, with the explanation that it is a bank of leave that can be used for sick leave, vacation, etc.
  2. Change item #7 to read “Paid Leave for Training or Degree Completion”.
  3. Items #10 and #12 were discussed at length to determine what “Modified Duties” might be interpreted as and whether both items were needed. It was decided to change “reduced” to “change in” in the parenthetical comments on #10 to clarify meaning. It was also suggested, and agreed to, that the word “short” in the parenthetical comments should be changed to “set”. This would help remove any ambiguousness in the time frame meaning.
  4. It was decided to combine items 16 & 17 regarding child care, and add “affordable” to the parenthetical information.
  5. The wording of item 22 was felt to be awkward, so Michelle volunteered to see if there was another way it can be worded and still make sense. It was decided to add “for a spouse/partner” to the parenthetical information to clarify.
  6. The title of item 26 will be changed to “Expanded Options for credit course fee waiver”
  7. Parenthetical information will be added to item 27 to clarify what resources would be offered.
After looking over the staff survey, a discussion began regarding demographic information and how we should retrieve it. Sara indicated that she could obtain the respondents records by using the sign-on name to access records. If this is done, however, the respondent will need to be notified that we are doing this. Sara offered to check with Computer Services to see if the fields could be populated with the respondents’ permission. It was suggested that there be an explanatory statement at the beginning of the survey indicating the constraints that will be in effect with their information.

Dale then asked those present if they felt that the surveys would be ready to send out in February, and all felt that the surveys would be ready. It was pointed out that it will need Dr. Nietzel’s approval prior to sending out. Dale indicated that he will draft a memo to the President to handle this. Dale would like to have the final draft done by 2/6 to give the President.

It was pointed out that we will need to be discussing and obtaining the incentives for taking the surveys, as indicated at the beginning of the survey. Minutes were read and approved, and the meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

  • Next meeting
    • February 6, 2007 at 3:30 in CARR 104 conference room

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Steele,
Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President