August 2006 Minutes

August 22, 2006 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
CARR 203

Members Attending:

Dale Moore (Chair), Ron Boaz, Sara Clark, Jana Estergard, Michelle Visio, Wes Scroggins,
Sue Alvers (Secretary)


Ladonna Hansen

Minutes for the July 24, 2006 minutes were approved with corrections.


  • Demographic Report/Analysis – Jana Estergard.
    • Some demographic information has to be pulled from several databases.
    • Jana will contact Lynn McKenzie, HR & Paul Langston, Institutional Research. She will request as many identifiers as possible and omit information on GAs
  • Faculty Morale Survey report – Michelle Visio
    • Distributed Public Policy, Work, and Families: The Report of the APA Presidential Initiative on Work and Families
    • Will obtain a copy of old faculty survey and results
    • Discussed journal article: Psychology at the Intersection of Work and Family, Recommendations for Employers, Working Families and Policymakers
  • Benchmark Peers Report – Sara Clark
    • Benchmark Peers research was equally divided between Sara & Ladonna. Sara reported on the first five. She reviewed Ball State, Grand Valley, Illinois State, James Madison and Louisiana Tech’s websites.
    • Ball State University – seems to be great program. Began from a childcare question. The program has since expanded.
    • Grand Valley – website is mostly links to other resources.
    • Illinois State, James Madison & Louisiana Tech – didn’t find any information on websites.
  • Web Report/Update – Sara
    • Work Life website is up and ready to post minutes.

Dale introduced Dr. Wes Scroggins, Department of Management, who is replacing Dr.
Barbara Turpin.

Formalizing Mission Statement & Goals

  • Dr. Scroggins questioned the relationship between a productive work environment and a satisfying personal life. He believes that the literature suggests otherwise.
  • The Committee Chair asked Drs. Scoggins and Visio to research the literature on productive work environment vs satisfying personal life and report back to the committee at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be October 3, 2006.