Work/Life Committee Charge

June 21, 2006

Dale Moore, Chair
Ron Boaz, Maintenance Director, Hammons Student Center Administration
Sara Clark, Director, Web Services
Jana Estergard, Office of Equity and Diversity
Ladonna Hansen, Procurement Services
Barbara Turpin, Department of Psychology
Michelle Visio, Department of Psychology
Michael T. Nietzel
Work/Life Committee

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the Work/Life Committee.

The goals of this committee are 1) to identify key issues that affect the relationship between a productive work environment and a satisfying personal life, and 2) to make recommendations that would result in the improvement of this relationship. I would expect that you will address a wide range of issues and suggest a broad list of recommendations.

I will be happy to meet with the committee anytime I can be helpful, including the first organizational meeting.

It is my intent that this committee would remain active for up to two years. At the end of that time, we will evaluate its success and determine if there is a need to continue it in the future.

Again, thank you for agreeing to serve.

cc: Mark Richter
Ben Boslaugh
Administrative Council