I'm An Employee

"I liked the CHIP program because it wasn't just a book and information, but it showed and got us involved with meals, field trips and Foster Rec access."

"Our presentation on Inflammation In The Body was interesting and informative. A lot of information was covered in a short time, so I was thankful for the printout for review. Thank you."

"I just wanted to let you know that it (Ageless Grace) has helped me tremendously. I had a knee replacement in December and when I was able to return to the class I could barely do some of the exercises. Now I am able to do a lot of the leg exercises and it has helped me so much. I love the class and several other associates have said the same thing. My muscles and joints have improved also. Vicki does a great job and we all love the class. My balance has improved and my flexibility has improved also. I can’t say enough good things about this class."

"I wanted to thank you for hosting of the Ageless Grace class. For the record, I’ve had issues with first one shoulder and then the other since I was in my 20s. Carefully, as we did the various exercises, I began to “push” my left shoulder rotation somewhat—both backward and forward. I now have the same range of motion in both shoulders—and it doesn’t hurt. Again, thanks for Ageless Grace. I probably wouldn’t have tried to do anything with the shoulder if the opportunity had not been provided to do so."