Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation Program

Mindfulness/Meditation I
Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Stressed out?  Dizzy with the distractions of the digital age?  Enslaved by the tyranny of time and not enough hours in the day?  Do you need to unplug and unwind?  Do you need to be more creative and centered?  Are you seeking serenity and peace of mind?  Then, this class is for you.  Doctors attribute 80% of our illness to the effects of stress.  This is called the Age of Anxiety.  Why not learn how to disconnect from the world and control your own turbulent mind?  In this class you will learn three different styles of meditation and be given a mindfulness practice to do each week.  These techniques are universal and separate from any religion or sect.  Join the Mindful Revolution (see Time Magazine Feb. 3, 2014 issue).

Mindfulness/Meditation II 
Ever wonder why some people seem to accomplish everything they set out to do while others struggle to finish the simplest task?  And why do some students soar thru classes and others struggle to keep up?  Why do some people have loving relationships in their life and others are always in conflict?  And why is it some people become millionaires and others struggle to pay their bills?  What is the secret that enables some to achieve their heart’s desire and live the life of their dreams?  Are there basic laws of the universe that some people grasp early on and others never figure out?  This class teaches those basic laws and principles so that you can achieve your heart’s desire.

Fall 2018 Session

Mindfulness/Meditation - Level II
Time: 5:00-7:30 PM
Location: Magers Health and Wellness Center, Room 100

Session Dates Coming Soon

Registration fee is $85 per session (each session includes 4 classes).  Class is noncredit fee waiver eligible.  A light meal will be served at each session beginning at 5:00.  The class will begin around 5:30.  The textbook is provided when you sign up for the class.

Instructor: Pat Campbell
Pat holds a M. Ed. from Tulane University and has been a serious meditator for 36 years.

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