Diabetes Workshop

Diabetes Workshop
The Diabetes Workshop is for anyone with diabetes and prediabetes or anyone else who has a special interest in diabetes such as a caregiver or a family member of someone with diabetes.

This workshop includes 6 classes, one hour each.  A personalized meal plan will be provided for each participant.  The workshop will include a variety topics presented with PowerPoint presentations, guest speakers, in-class demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Topics to be discussed throughout the Diabetes Workshop:

Class 1 - What is Diabetes?

  • Understanding diabetes
  • How diabetes medications (including insulin) work
  • Monitoring blood sugar – When to test and what the results mean

Class 2 - Eating with Diabetes

  • Carbohydrate versus calorie counting
  • How to plan meals and snacks, including meal and snack ideas!
  • How to prioritize information on Nutrition Facts label - Bring your food packages from home.
  • What to order at a restaurant, including "Best Picks" - Bring a menu from your favorite restaurant.

Class 3 - More on Eating with Diabetes & How Exercise Helps

  • Recipes and what to eat
  • How to eat what you love and still control your blood sugar

Class 4 - Living With Diabetes

  • Recognizing and treating hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Causes & preventing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)
  • Caring for your feet
  • What to do on sick days

Class 5 - Complications of Diabetes

  • How having diabetes impacts your overall health
  • What to look for and what health tests to have on a regular basis
  • How to prevent diabetes complications

Class 6 - Putting it All Together

  • "Participants Choice" review session - YOU choose what you want to learn more about.
  • How to find support
  • Troubleshoot problems & know your resources
  • Set SMART goals

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions for this program are currently scheduled.  Check back soon for additional updates.

Questions?  Contact Ben Hunt at BenHunt@missouristate.edu.