Ergonomics At The Workstation

Ergonomics At The Workstation Sore from Sitting?

Applying Ergonomic Principles at the Computer Workstation

This consultation will provide ergonomic recommendations and intervention for those who spend much of their time working at a computer station.  The Department of Phsycial Therapy will provide information on proper posturing/positioning and development of healthy habits to maximize function and minimize dysfunction/injury at work.  

Participants will learn:

  • How to recognize and minimize harmful forces experienced by the body’s tissues during work tasks.
  • Proper chair adjustment/selection.
  • Proper computer monitor, keyboard, mouse positioning.
  • The pros and cons of seated vs standing computer workstations.
  • Practical techniques to maintain healthy tissue flexibility and endurance.

Individual consultations are available by request.  Visit the physical therapy clinic website or call 417-836-3070 to schedule an appointment.

For additional questions, please contact the Employee Wellness Coordinator at