Additional Resources for YouTube

Provide a video to the Missouri State YouTube Channel

If you would like to add a video to the official Missouri State YouTube channel, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you or the University retains copyright over all text, audio, and movie elements within your video.
  2. Make certain that the content of the video and the audience it is intended for is university-related, as well as being intended for a general audience.
  3. Web strategy and development administers the Missouri State YouTube channel, and all videos uploaded must go through our office. You can either physically send a DVD through campus mail to web strategy and development, email us the URL of where we can download your video, or we also have a network transfer space where you can upload your video. Contact web strategy and development if you need access to this transfer space to upload your video.
  4. Web strategy and development will email you once your video has been added to the Missouri State YouTube channel. If your video is not intended for a general university audience, please create a user account on YouTube and upload your video to that account. It can still be embedded on your web page via this option as well.

Customizing your page

Please consult Identity Standards for visual identity guidelines and an appropriate Missouri State logo to use. Contact editorial and design services regarding acceptable uses and variations of Missouri State logos.

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