Recommendations for Using Twitter

Twitter can be a useful social media tool for compressing important information and updates into short, readable tweets that include links users can choose to follow to read the whole story.

Users can also automatically import posts with RSS feeds using a third-party tool such as Twitter Feed. Doing so will allow a single user to review many different sources of information you are streaming in an easy-to-read fashion. Twitter can be a good way to output several social media networks to a single place, making it easier for review.

Twitter is also a simple way to keep information constant and fresh. It helps to keep users up-to-date with the day to day happenings of your University unit. This way, rather than letting your social media content stagnate between blog posts and news, a constant feed of minor news updates that wouldn't warrant a full article can be supplied to users through Twitter.

Best practices

University units can use Twitter to:

  • Keep followers up to date without forcing them to read lengthy content.
  • Increase the portability of your media by branching out to mobile device outlets.
  • Compile several sources into a single feed for users to review.
  • Create a current stream of updates and news, accessible to a wide audience.