Summary of Style Requirements

Missouri State University

Include a reference to Missouri State within the top 400 pixels of every web page. Link this reference to the Missouri State homepage (

References may be one of the following:

  • Official name of the University
    • Missouri State University
    • Missouri State University-Springfield
    • Missouri State University-West Plains
    • Missouri State University-Mountain Grove
  • Official abbreviated version
    • Missouri State
    • Missouri State - Springfield
    • Missouri State - West Plains
    • Missouri State - Mountain Grove

It is not acceptable to use the abbreviation “MSU” when referring to Missouri State University. "Missouri State" is the only abbreviation acceptable for textual references of the University. 

Please refer to our athletics teams as follows: Missouri State Bears, Missouri State Lady Bears, Missouri State - West Plains Grizzlies and Missouri State - West Plains Lady Grizzlies.

Footer information

Provide footer information on every web page that includes:

Appropriate title

Ensure the page title (within the {title} and {/title} tags of the header) includes the University name or abbreviation (see the "Missouri State University" section above) and a concise, unique and descriptive title. "My Home Page" does not describe the page, but "Boomer Bear's Bio - Athletics - Missouri State " conveys sufficient information.

Also try to make the title go from specific to general, which helps search engines rank results better.

Content accurate, current and consistent with Missouri State Policy

Make certain all official web content is up-to-date and conforms with Missouri State policy statements.

Guidelines of Missouri State Web Policy

The Missouri State Web Policy lists additional guidelines for websites, including copyright, commercial activity, privacy and accessibility guidelines. Make certain all official websites conform with these guidelines.