Social Media Best Practices

Develop a plan

Departments, units and organizations should develop a social media plan and consider their messages, audiences and goals, as well as a strategy for keeping information and content on social media sites up-to-date.

Think twice before posting

Remember that anything you share on social media sites, even within a closed network, is not private. It can and will be shared, stored and spread globally. Do not post anything online you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with your mother.

Remember your audience

Remember your audience and remain aware that a web presence on social media sites can easily be made available to the public at large. This includes prospective students, current students, current employees and colleagues, alumni and peers. Consider your audience before posting to a social media site to ensure the content will not alienate, harm or provoke negative reactions to any of these groups.

Ensure accuracy

Make sure that your facts are correct and always strive for accuracy when posting on a social media site.

Be transparent

Acknowledge who you are and if you are representing Missouri State University when posting on a social media site. On personal social media sites, identify your views as your own. If you identify yourself as a Missouri State University faculty or staff member online, it should be clear that the views expressed are not necessarily those of the institution.

Respect others

Anything you post in your role as a Missouri State University employee reflects on the institution; be professional and respectful at all times on your social media site, and do not engage in arguments or extensive debates on your site.

Stay active

Social media requires constant monitoring and coordination. If your unit lacks the resources to check your social media presences at least a few minutes each day and to post fresh content several times a week, please reconsider before opening any new social media accounts. With social media, you get out of it what you put into it. If your page is inactive, users will notice and no longer engage with you on that site.