Recommendations for Social Bookmarking

University units can make use of social bookmarking sites by tying together links across the Internet in a single and sharable location. Rather than just providing a page of permanent links, if you are accumulating a set of links as a resource to go to, a social bookmarking account makes it easy to organize and share those URLs.

Some ways to use social bookmarking include:

  • Keeping a record of categorizable links that users can search and reference through tags.
  • Providing an RSS feed of new bookmarks.
  • Network with other educators around the globe who share your interests.
  • Create social bookmark accounts for your school's academic departments. Teachers within the department all contribute to the growing database of web resources.
  • Contact other people for professional networking, based on their social bookmarks.
  • Allow yourself and your students to share bookmarks on research topics.
  • Subscribe to someone's bookmarks via RSS and receive updates whenever they add new websites.
  • Collaborate on projects with other schools, sharing bookmarks between all participating communities.