SharePoint Designer 2007 and WebDAV

To edit your site with SharePoint Designer 2007 and WebDAV, follow these steps:

  1. Open SharePoint Designer 2007.
  2. Select File then Open Site. The Open Site window appears.
  3. In the Site Name text box, enter your site's WebDAV address. Then click the Open button. A login prompt appears.
  4. Enter your user name as xxxxxxx@SGF where xxxxxxx is your BearPass login. Enter your password then click OK. The site's folders display.
  5. Click the Open button again. The Remote Website Editing Options window appears.
  6. Select the option to Edit live Website now then click the OK button. The site opens for editing.
  7. Make any changes or additions to your website. Each time you save a change, it is automatically posted to your website.


  • Microsoft has discontinued the FrontPage product line, and Missouri State has chosen SharePoint Designer 2007 as the replacement software. SharePoint Designer 2007 does not fully support certain FrontPage-specific features, such as navigation, themes and shared borders.
    • Shared borders and navigation do not consistently work with SharePoint Designer--they may disappear on your site during editing.
    • Shared borders can be converted to dynamic web templates. See the Microsoft article How to Convert from Shared Borders to Dynamic Web Templates for details.
    • Themes will be maintained on existing pages, but SharePoint Designer 2007 does not provide options for editing or changing the theme.
  • SharePoint Designer 2007's built-in help refers to features requiring a SharePoint environment; however, the SharePoint environment is not supported on the Missouri State campus, which makes these features unavailable.
  • SharePoint Designer 2007 does not support html5, in order to use the Missouri State website templates you will need to use the HTML4 version which can be found at the bottom of the web templates page.

SharePoint Designer 2010/2013

Neither SharePoint Designer 2010 nor 2013 will work as an editor for Missouri State websites. Please consider switching to Adobe Dreamweaver.

Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft stopped selling FrontPage in 2006 and ended all support in 2011. Missouri State no longer provides active support for FrontPage.

Please consider upgrading to SharePoint Designer 2007 or Dreamweaver.