Secure Website

Secure websites encrypt all data sent to or received from it. This helps prevent people from intercepting data transmissions and capturing sensitive data. Missouri State secures its websites through secure socket layer (SSL).

Below are examples of secure sites:

  • Admissions forms that ask for a social security number
  • Pledge forms that ask for credit card information

Secure sites are provided through a application development websites. Please request an application development website to receive a secure site.

Guidelines to follow when creating secure sites

  • All secure site URLs must begin with https:// instead of http://.
  • All images and web components used on your secure site need to be in a secure web.
    • If your secure site links to files located in non-secure pages, including images, style sheets or other content, a warning message will appear when visitors come to your secure site asking them if they want to load both non-secure and secure elements. This gives the visitor the impression that your site is not secure, even though it really is.
    • contains template images you can link to from your secure site. Use the Replace feature in Microsoft FrontPage to update HTML references for non-secure images to secure images.
  • If you need a restricted (password-protected) subweb on your secure site, visit the Restricted Site web page to request it.