Upgrade to Mobile-Friendly Templates

The path to a mobile-friendly website includes three steps:

Step one: content review and planning

  1. Request content inventory and site map.
  2. Update your content inventory to incorporate best practices for mobile websites.

Step two: conversion

  1. Email your updated content inventory to webpress@missouristate.edu.
  2. Request website conversion to mobile templates.
  3. The Web Help Desk will freeze your live website, delete any outdated pages, then convert your Web Press pages to the new mobile-friendly templates.
  4. Apply the site navigation and content updates planned in your content review.

Step three: publication

  1. Request your converted site go live.
  2. Your converted site will be published as your live website, ending the timeframe during which your live website was frozen.

Academic website conversion

Academic websites are already being converted to mobile templates as part of the Academic Website Project. Learn more.

Alumni website before conversion


Screenshot of the Alumni website before conversion to mobile-optimized templates


screen shot of Alumni home page as viewed on an iPhone 5

Alumni website after conversion


Screenshot of the Alumni website after conversion to mobile-optimized templates


Mobile-optimized site on smartphone