Re-purposing Content with Flickr

Using RSS to re-purpose Flickr

Flickr generates an RSS Feed from your photostream that you can use to update any RSS reader. On your photostream page, click the RSS feed button to be directed to the feed. Copy this URL and post it where you want to generate updates regarding your new photo uploads. You can use this feed with:

Extending Flickr

Flickr has the capacity to connect to other blogs and Twitter if you provide permissions.

  1. From any Flickr screen, click the arrow next to You, then click Your Account in the drop down menu.
  2. Click the Extending Flickr tab at the top of the Your Account page.
  3. Next to the title Your Blogs, click Configure your Flickr to blog settings. This will allow you to post and update any type of blog (including Twitter) from Flickr when you make a new photo upload.
  4. Follow the steps and enter what type of weblog you have.
  5. You will need to provide access and permissions to allow Flickr to update your blogging service. Continue following the steps provided.
  6. If you are logged in to your accounts, most of the information should be automatically entered. When you're done, you can create custom posting templates which helps generating visually aesthetic posts from Flickr.

You can also link Flickr to your Facebook account, by clicking on the Link your accounts link under the Your Facebook account heading. Follow the directions to link Flickr to your Facebook account and allow your uploads to post to your Facebook News Feed.