Understanding Google Analytics

Upon logging into Google Analytics you will start at an Account landing page. As you can see from Image 1, you can select a Google Analytics Account from this landing page.

Image 1: Google Analytics Account Landing Page

Google Analytics Accounts Landing Page

After selecting an Account, you will be redirected to the Profile landing page. As you can see from Image 2, you will see all of the Profiles you have access to.

Image 2: Google Analytics Profile Landing Page

Google Analytics Profile Landing Page

After selecting a Profile, you will be greeted with the Dashboard: a quick overview of some of the more important reports Google Analytics provides.

Image 3: Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard

Here are a few things to note on the Dashboard:

Main Menu
Quick links to your detailed reports. These are persistent throughout Google Analytics.

Help Menu
Links to in-depth help about everything from specific reports to key words.

Overall Trend Graph
By default, this graph shows a breakdown of visits per day over the span of one month. Above the trend graph you will find different filters to choose from.

Site Usage Statistics
A high level view of the visitors that came to your site, how many pages they saw, how long they stayed, how many left from the same page they landed on, and how many had been there before they left.

Date Range
Although the default report shows you a month's activity, you can change the length of time or even measure your previous month's activity against the same time the previous year.

To understand your web site statistics, you will need to be familiar with a few key terms.

To learn more about your web site statistics, visit the Google Analytics Help.