In an effort to equitably allocate limited disk resources, the university has established quotas for all standard websites (websites developed outside of Omni CMS). Websites should only contain current web content that's intended to be shared with others--official websites should not be used to archive files or store non-web content.

Quota limits

Website quotas began being enforced June 1, 2007.

Standard website quotas
Site type Quota

University unit

200 MB
Course 200 MB
Student organization 200 MB
University organization 200 MB
External organization 200 MB
Personal (faculty, staff and student) 100 MB

What happens when my site goes over quota?

Once over quota, a website will usually continue to display properly; however, no website editor will be able to add or update content until the site is under its quota limit.

Several events happen when a website is over quota:

  • Each time a site goes over its quota, the developer causing the overage will be sent an email notifying him/her of the problem.
  • Web editors using Web Drive will receive upload failure errors when they attempt to add or update content. Uploaded files may appear in the Web Drive window even after the failure. Web editors may need to flush the cache for the site in Web Drive to see an accurate file listing.
  • Web editors using Mac OS 10.4 and later will receive errors that the filename is too long or contains invalid characters when they attempt to add or update content.

What do I do if my website is over quota?

Editors must remove content from the site to reduce its size.The easiest way to remove content from a site is to connect to that site using its WebDAV address. Web strategy and development recommends following the Windows and WebDAV or Mac OS and WebDAV instructions to connect to your site. Once connected, web editors can delete content from their site until it's under quota.

How can I check my quota?

To check the size of your website, visit the Website Size Calculator.

Can I apply for a increase to my site's quota?

If a site is nearing or over its quota limit, a web editor can request an increased quota by emailing webmaster@missouristate.edu. Please include your name, your website address, the reason why you need an increased quota and the amount of additional space you need. Quota increase requests for personal websites are typically denied unless the site is being used for university research.