Copyright-Free Music

Music is commonly used within videos, podcasts and presentations. While we encourage the use of musical elements in your multimedia projects, one must ensure that the music being re-purposed is not covered by copyright.


The University has music rights through campus BMI and ASCAP licenses. Under those licenses, recordings of musical performances can be posted to University owned and operated websites. However, the ASCAP and BMI campus licenses do not authorize posting music recordings to commercial or other third-party sites such as YouTube, iTunes U, Facebook, etc. These licenses also do not allow for the synchronization of music to any kind of video, photos, presentations, or other visual media.

Music resources

Below is a list of resources offering music that is either free of copyright ownership by a third-party publishing company, or is licensed to allow for reuse under certain stipulations (Creative Commons is a common licensing method). Please refer to each site for the specifics of whether the music they offer is completely open-source or is under some type of attributive licensing.

Web Strategy and Development Resources: Music

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