Multimedia Guidelines

The University recognizes the use of multimedia as an effective method for communication and instruction. As a member of the University community, you may use multimedia to:

  • Provide support to existing content, making it more dynamic and engaging
  • Share promotional multimedia materials to your target audience
  • Archive and share events with current and potential members, enhancing the sense of group and participation by creating a visual record
  • Provide informational and educational materials to student, faculty, staff and other interested parties


The University has music rights through campus BMI and ASCAP licenses. Under those licenses, recordings of musical performances can be posted to University owned and operated websites. However, the ASCAP and BMI campus licenses do not authorize posting music recordings to commercial or other third-party sites such as YouTube, iTunes U, Facebook, etc.

Fair use

Fair use guidelines regarding multimedia are only applicable to academic content. For more information, please contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.