Checklist for Uploading Photos to Flickr

After uploading photos, there are several steps University Units using Flickr should follow:

  1. Enter a description for your photo. Be sure that it can be understood in any context; don't use any insider lingo or terms users unfamiliar with Missouri State wouldn't recognize.
    • Remember that you can enter links in your descriptions if you use HTML tags. Also, be sure that the first two lines makes sense as a sentence. For instance, if you type a phrase and push enter, then type another phrase, those first two lines will be displayed as a run-on sentence. If you're going to make titles or names in the first two lines, be sure to punctuate the end of the line with a comma.
    • If uploading a photo provided by Missouri State University's Photographic Services, be sure to link back to the gallery from which the photo was taken and mention that users can find more photos available for purchase. You must link to the gallery, as there are no individual links for each photo in the gallery.
  2. Tag all photos as "Missouri State University" and MSU. Include any other pertinent tags such as a location, the names of important people in the photo, and so forth.
    • Remember that when adding a tag, words not included in quotations will be applied as separate tags; for instance, if you type Missouri State University without quotation marks around the phrase, you'll actually enter three separate tags; Missouri, State, and University.
  3. Create notes on your photograph to denote important people, information, etc.
  4. If the photo was provided by Photographic Services, be sure no license is set for the photo; the Additional information should read "All rights reserved." Note: This feature is set by default.
  5. In additional information for each photo, use the Add to your map link to geotag your photo.
    • Be creative with Geotags. If you're uploading a staff photo, tag the office or the building in which the individual works.
  6. Add your photo to a set with like photos.
  7. Be sure that set is part of a collection for like sets.