Recommendations for Using Facebook

Facebook is an excellent way for University units to stay connected with current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and any other individual already using the site.

By creating pages, University units can connect to their target audience in a very direct way and keep them updated on new events, developments, updates and changes, or just to keep awareness raised.

Some ways to use Facebook pages for University units include:

  • Creating a source of information users can connect to by being available to answer questions and make public statements.
  • Updating fans with new events and plans related to the Facebook page, upcoming activities and major changes.
  • Sharing media such as photos and videos that creates a sense of group identity. Facebook is a great way to target promotional materials to your audience.
  • Allowing interconnectivity among people who like your page.
  • Building a social network that makes your University unit operate in a more integrated and cohesive fashion.