External Organization Website

Missouri State University allows qualified external organizations to create websites on University equipment as a public affairs service.


To have a website hosted at Missouri State, the external organization must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Non-profit
  • A professional or academic organization/committee
  • Appropriate to the University’s overall mission


External organization websites at Missouri State are:

  • Supervised by a current Missouri State staff or faculty member, who is also a current member of the external organization, that assumes all responsibility for the content of the external organization's website
  • Hosted at http://associations.missouristate.edu/
  • Classified as unofficial websites that must adhere to the Missouri State Web Policy
  • Published by Missouri State web developers that the website supervisor has approved—outside contributors must work through these Missouri State web developers to update an external organization's website
  • Supported by the university through web strategy and development, Help Desk and training opportunities

Creating an external organization website

The University recommends external organization developers use Web Press, the university's content management system, to develop and maintain their websites.

To request an standard external organization website, a Missouri State faculty or staff member should follow these steps:

  1. Complete the External Organizational Website Application.
  2. Have his/her unit administrator approve the request and sign the application
  3. Submit the application to web strategy and development.

After receiving an application, the director of web strategy and development will approve or deny the request and notify the requestor. If an application is approved, the director of web strategy and development will coordinate with computer services to configure the website.

Giving others edit access

To obtain permission for developers to update a external organization website, complete the External Organization Web Developer Form below. Editors must have BearPass Logins.

Removal of an external organization website

If an external organization changes and no longer meets the qualifications or does not have a valid supervisor for its website, Missouri State will remove the external organization's website from Missouri State equipment.

Editing an external organization website

Web Press site can be edited through Web Press online editing system.

Standard sites can be edited through WebDAV or network path access.

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