Email Marketing

Missouri State University makes use of Fire Engine Red, a third-party system, for its mass email services. It is a powerful tool that allows users to manage their messages, contacts and track deliverability. Access information about how to create and send emails here.

What is email marketing?

When trying to maintain and connect with a large group of contacts, it can be difficult to manage all the emails sent. With this system, users will be able to effectively create engaging content, manage contacts, send emails en masse and track all messages sent. The email marketing tool makes it easy for faculty and staff to stay in touch with large groups of people and productively manage email.

Who can use email marketing?

The tools Missouri State has made available for email marketing is available to University departments and offices. They are intended for use in sending email only to external audiences. Users are required to pay the cost of service (1.5¢ per email). Users can also decide whether to manage an account to send multiple outgoing messages, or have the University send a one-time message on their behalf.

How do I communicate with all faculty and staff?

All faculty and staff on the Springfield campus receive a weekly employee newsletter called Inside Missouri State. Inside Missouri State is the primary means of communicating with employees on a University-wide level. Visit the Inside Missouri State page for more information.