General Development

The information in this section will help a developer obtain a site and learn how to write for the web.

Getting started

Site development

  • Web Press
    The recommended web development system for department and organization websites
  • WebDAV Access
    How to access and update your website through WebDAV
  • Network Path Access
    How to access and update your website through a network path

Add-on services

  • Application Development Website
    Provides extended functionality to developers, such as scripting language support and secure folders
  • Database Services
    Obtaining and using a database in conjunction with your website
  • PHP Services
    Provides PHP scripting support on websites
  • Restricted Website
    Provides web space that requires web visitors to log in with their BearPass login.
  • Secure Website
    Provides web space that encrypts all data sent to or received from it
  • Website Statistics
    Provides information about a website's traffic

Writing for the web

  • Writing for the Web
    This article includes topics such as: writing for simplicity, getting to the point and highlighting important information.
  • How Users Read on the Web
    This article emphasizes scannable text and improving your web writing.