Creating a Flickr account

Note: most social media user accounts created on behalf of a University unit will require an email address during signup. Ensure that the address used is not a personal email address (for example: but is either a communal account that can be shared by other members of your University unit (for example: or your BearPass Email (for example:

Flickr uses a YahooID as an account to use their services. Use your communal YahooID for your University unit, or create a sharable YahooID your University unit can use for Flickr.

  1. From the Flickr homepage, click the Create Your Account button in the top right corner.
  2. Here you will be directed to a screen which asks you for your YahooID and password. Once again, be sure this is the account you wish to use. If you need to create a new YahooID, follow the links to do so.
  3. Once your account has been created, you can get started by personalizing your profile. Be sure to follow all the appropriate guidelines when creating an account associated with the University.
  4. You can begin uploading photos at any time once your account has been created. Flickr provides easy to follow links and instructions for doing so. At any time, you can click the arrow next to the You menu and then Upload Photos and Videos. When uploading, follow the simple steps for choosing the photo from your computer, then once you've submitted the photo you can enter a title, description, tags and add it to a set of other photos.

Another step to consider is adding Missouri State University as a contact and joining the Missouri State University group. This will help visitors find other University Units using Flickr.

If you are creating a free account, you will not need to worry about users being able to download the original version of your photos; however, if you upgrade to a paid account, you will need to disable this feature if you are uploading photos provided by the office of visual media.

Creating Slideshows

  • Photos can be organized in sets. To do this, click the Organize tab at the top of the page to be directed to the organizing system for Flickr. Here, you can create new sets by clicking the Sets tab at the top of the page and following the instructions. If you click the Sets link below your photostream, you can view the sets you have created.
  • Photos in your photostream and those organized into sets can be viewed as a slideshow. To view a slideshow of all your photos, click the Slideshow link in the top right corner, underneath the search text box. If you navigate to a Set you have created, use the same link on that page to view a slideshow of just those photos.
  • Using the URL on the web page for either your photostream or your set will help you re-purpose those photos for a slideshow in Web Press. In the URL, after photos/ there is a series of numbers and letters. This first series (in the format xxxxxxxx@xxx) is always your Flickr User Number. The second number, which will appear on web pages for Flickr sets, comes after sets/ in the url and is your Flickr Set Number. Using these with the Flickr Slideshow General Page in Web Press will allow you to add a Flickr Slideshow in your web page.
  • When viewing a slideshow, there is a Share link in the top right corner. When you click this link, these slideshows can be embedded using the embed HTML code that appears.