Course Website

Many faculty and staff supplement traditional courses with course web pages. Course web pages may contain information pertinent to that course, such as prerequisites, credit hours and syllabi.

Each instructor is responsible for all aspects of his/her course website, including the accessibility, timeliness and accuracy of the information it contains. See the Web Policy for details.

There are two types of course websites:


The University recommends instructors use Blackboard, the University's course management system, for their course web pages. Blackboard offers many built-in features, including discussion forums and gradebook capabilities. It also has an option to allow only your students to access the course content.

Training and support

For Blackboard training, instructors may attend a Blackboard training session. Instructors may also access Blackboard support online or call the Computer Services Help Desk at 417-836-5891.

Standard course website

The University also offers standard websites to all faculty and staff teaching courses. You can use any web editor to develop these course web pages.

Training and support

For support, please contact the Web Help Desk. For training, you may visit the Web Help Desk's open lab hours.

Creating a standard website

*To view and print these documents you will need Microsoft Word Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Giving others edit access

To give other web developers access to edit your site, complete the Course Web Developer Form below:

*To view and print these documents you will need Microsoft Word Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Deleting a standard course website

To delete a standard course website, please email

Editing a standard course website

To edit a standard course website, you'll need to use WebDAV or network path access.

Personal content

Course websites may not be used for items of personal interest not related to the instructor’s role at the university. Personal websites may be used to host personal content.