Recommendations for a Prospective Student Audience

Future students link

Provide a link to the Future Students web page so students can get general information about attending Missouri State.

Request more information

Provide a form where prospective students can request more information. You may also link to the general Request Information web page.

Marketing message

Try to incorporate the University's marketing messages into your web pages when possible. These messages are outlined on the About Missouri State web page. These should be integrated into section headlines, subheads and photo captions. Additionally, key messages should be considered when selecting photographs for use in the site—ask, "Which of our marketing messages does this photo depict?"

Academic programs

Include what aspects of your academic programs make it an attractive choice for potential students, especially those aspects that differentiate your programs from other universities' programs. Also, describe the academic program's financial aid/scholarship opportunities, with a link to Financial Aid.


Include personal profiles, stories and testimonial quotes from current students, their parents, faculty and alumni. This helps potential students identify themselves as a potential student at Missouri State as they learn about campus insiders who share similar backgrounds, goals or interests. Also provide contact information for these groups, when available, so students can ask questions.

When including testimonials, be sure to adhere to the Privacy Policy by obtaining releases when necessary.