Academic Websites

Prospective students report that websites exert more influence on the college application process than counselors, college fairs or printed publications.

With that influence in mind, the provost's office funds the Academic Website Project.

About the project

The project addresses the following goals:

  • Optimizing websites for student recruitment, with standardized organization and clear communication of each program's unique benefits
  • Formatting content in accordance with mobile-happy web design, which includes incorporating multimedia elements as appropriate
  • Tying academic programs to the university's overall marketing messages, giving departments the benefit of university marketing initiatives
  • Making website maintenance manageable by minimizing content that might become outdated

Depending on the client's needs and resources, the redesign process may include any of the following elements:

  • New organizational structure
  • New content
  • New design elements
  • New media elements, including photo and video
  • New blog platform or new content for existing blog
  • Student, faculty and/or alumni profiles
  • Social media recommendations
  • Training and resources for maintaining the redesigned website


Website redesigns are commenced in a specifically prioritized order. Sites that have completed the first round of redesign will receive mobile-happy web design upgrades during the second phase of the project.

Review the project progress, including which sites are currently undergoing the redesign process.


The project is funded by the provost.

Project updates